Activism is dedicated to educating young Australians about the importance of gaining their own legal sovereignty and teaching the legal methods to follow this path.

All young Australians are supposed to come of age and not be subject to the false practice of law or imposition of additional taxes concealed as fines.

It is our goal to educate as many young Australian’s as possible how to defend themselves against government greed and fraud and help them understand their god given rights. We will lead the way in helping as many Australian’s as possible gain their sovereignty. We believe that Australia should be lead by people who create and contribute and those who gain their wealth from deceptive methods and imposition of parasitic laws should take a back seat and leave the next generations of talented creating Australians lead.

We believe that our work will help improve the quality of life of many Australians who are covertly suppressed and oppressed, by elements within the government. Through teaching this information to the populous in Australia we aim to reduce government revenues and return government in Australia to a instrument that actually serves the best interests of the people.